Pathology Workstation

Pathological sampling bench is widely used in hospital pathology department, pathology laboratory, etc. Reasonable ventilation system protects operator away from the harmful gas produced by the formalin during sampling. The hot & cold water system ensures it can adapt work in different climates.



UV Light;

Fluorescent Light;

Adjustable Spotlight;

Stainless Steel Hanger;


Suction Inlet

Suction inlet adopts louver-type. The upper

mouthing structure ensures above blower

suction, avoiding air back-streaming.


Water Tap & Sink                                                                

Stainless steel;


Auto Flushing Design

Automatic flushing device, slightly right-side

slope worktable, easy to waste discharge and cleaning.


Pulverizer (Optional)                                                        

Completely smash the waste during test, to avoid blocking drainage pipes.

 Flex Magnifier Light(Optional)




  1. Odor-remove function.
  2. Single water sink, two-person operations.
  3. Exhaust air system: High-power suction device, low noise.
  4. Optional water heater is available, realizing hot & cold water adjustment.
  5. The base cabinet is inward-concave type, convenient for sitting operation.
  6. Optional pulverizer can completely smash the waste during test, to avoid blocking drainage pipes.
  7. Automatic flushing device, slightly right-side inclined worktable, easy for waste discharge and cleaning.



Model QCT-1000 QCT-1500 QCT-1800
External Size (W*D*H) 1000*750*1950mm 1500*750*1950mm 1800*750*1950mm
Working Area Size (W*D*H) 895*430*900mm 1395*430*900mm 1695*430*900mm
Work Surface Height 900mm
Consumption 250W 300W  300W
Optional water heater 1500W
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz
Exhaust Airflow Volume 500-600m3/h
Material Main Body 304 stainless steel
Work Table 304 stainless steel
Standard Accessories Spotlight;

UV lamp;

Fluorescent lamp;

Exhaust system;

4m exhaust duct;

Pipe strap;

Auto flushing device;

Stainless steel hanger;

Adjustable hot and cold water tap;

180mm deep stainless steel water sink, funnel with filter.

Active carbon filter

Optional Accessories Pulverizer, Electrical water heater, Automatic induction hand dryer, Eye washer, Camera.

Flex magnifier light, laptop bracket

Package Size(W*D*H)mm 1160*890*2170 1660*890*2170 1960*890*2170
Gross Weight 250kg 300kg 340kg
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