UV Air Sterilizer


It can be used in Class II, Class III, Class IV hospital room, blood station, food and beverage factory, pharmaceutical factory, school, catering and other public places.


* Air purification composite filter which has primary filter, activated carbon filter, photocatalyst filter.

* Long service life, easy maintenance, convenient installation. Service life of UV lamp≥8000h.

* Fast and effective sterilization of various bacteria and virus.

*Air dynamic disinfection, allow existence of people when working.

* Power-off memory function.

* Two working modes: sterilization & negative ion air supply.

Optional working modes: ozone air supply (BK-Y-600 & BK-Y-800 mobile air sterilizer).

* Adjustable high/medium/low air volume, adjustable wind direction.


Model BK-Y-600 BK-Y-800 BK-B-600 BK-B-800 BK-G-1000 BK-G-1200
Sterilization Space ≤100m3 ≤128m3 ≤138m3
Air Circulation ≥600m3/h ≥800m3/h ≥600m3/h ≥800m3/h ≥1000m3/h ≥1200m3/h
Ultraviolet Leakage of Machine ≤5μw/cm2(30cm distance with machine)
Ozone Concentration ≤7.4X10-3mg/m3 (20cm distance with machine)
Display LCD display LED display LCD display
Temperature Range 0~39℃ ( Screen displays10~35℃ temperature range)
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Timing Function 24 hours 8 hours
Noise ≤55dB
Power Supply AC220V, 50/60Hz;AC110V, 50/60Hz.
Consumption ≤350W ≤400W
External Size(mm) 900*540*420 885*280*200 1000*330*220 600*330*1895
Package Size(mm) 577*487*960 940*340*250 1050*400*300 650*400*1950
Net Weight(kg) 20 10 12 43
Gross Weight(Kg) 25 16 17 50
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